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People do not seek emergencies but emergencies find them! And when they do you can be adequately prepared to care for a family member or stranger. Arriving on the scene of a crisis is often time sensitive and stressful. Whether you are at home, on vacation, or in transit, Everyday First Aid offers clear, concise, and well-organized information to help you stay ready!

In total, Everyday First Aid covers nearly a hundred topics beautifully illustrated. Each topic is broken down into summaries, symptoms, treatment, causes, risk factors, prevention, and additional information.


• Review first aid information anytime-anywhere, no connection to the Internet required!
• Store and access your medical and emergency contact information with the click of a button!
• View hundreds of images to illustrate and inform!
• Review guides for choking, CPR, wound cleaning, and germ prevention!
• Become informed on nearly a hundred topics relating to first aid!
• “E-Mail a Friend” to inform them on topics included in the pocket guide!
• Learn how to build your very own first aid kit!
• Enjoy easy-to-navigate, concise, well-organized and in-depth information on a wide range of topics!


- First Aid: General
- First Aid: Kits

- Choking
- Wound Cleaning & Dressing
- Germ Prevention

Select A Topic:
- Abdominal Pain
- Alcohol Poisoning
- Allergic Reactions
- Amputation
- Anaphylaxis
- Asthma
- Bites & Stings: General
- Bites & Stings: Animal
- Bites & Stings: Bee
- Bites & Stings: Human
- Bites & Stings: Jellyfish
- Bites & Stings: Scorpion
- Bites & Stings: Snake
- Bites & Stings: Spider
- Bites & Stings: Ticks
- Black Eye
- Bleeding: General
- Bleeding: Disorders
- Blister (Vesicle)
- Breathing Difficulty
- Broken: General Bones
- Broken: Ankle & Foot
- Broken: Arm
- Broken: Hip
- Broken: Leg
- Broken: Toe
- Broken: Wrist & Hand
- Bruise
- Burns: General
- Burns: Chemical
- Burns: Electrical
- Burns: Sunburn
- Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
- Chemical Emergencies
- Chest Pain
- Childbirth
- Cold Sore
- Concussion
- Confusion
- Cough
- Cuts & Puncture Wounds
- Dehydration
- Dislocation
- Dizziness
- Ear Injury
- Electrical Injury
- Eye Injury
- Fainting
- Fever
- Flu (Influenza)
- Food Poisoning
- Frostbite
- Headache: Migraine
- Heart Attack
- Heat Emergencies: General
- Heat Cramps
- Heat Exhaustion
- Heatstroke
- Hyperventilation
- Hypothermia
- Laceration
- Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia)
- Motion Sickness
- Nausea & Vomiting
- Neck Pain
- Nosebleeds
- Object: Inhaled & Swallowed
- Object: Nose
- Poison Ivy
- Poisoning
- Seizure: General
- Seizure: Febrile
- Shock: General
- Shock: Cardiogenic
- Shock: Toxic
- Skull Fracture
- Smoke Inhalation
- Spinal Injury
- Splinter Removal
- Sprain
- Strep Throat
- Stroke
- Tooth Loss
- Toothache
- Vertigo
- Water Intoxication
- Weakness or Fatigue


Latest reviews of Everyday First Aid app for iPhone and iPad

A great first aid reference and utility!
This app is one of the best put together Ive seen. The amount of useful information you get at your fingertips is impressive. The illustrations are beautifully done and the Additional Information at the end of each article are like neat little tips. The Personal Information page holds your Emergency Contact information. This is information that you want quickly in an emergency so maybe it should be more prominent. Would be cool if you could easily send this to your doctor by email. The Resources page is more like emergency services so maybe it should be renamed to be clearer. If I could click on the phone numbers and have it speed-dial for me (maybe with a confirmation pop-up to prevent accidental dialing), that would be really cool. A great app!
A must have
Being a father of two and soon to be three means that I need health information on everything at my fingertips NOW. Its good to know that the majority of those issues are there for me in this app. From cuts to the heimlich maneuver its there for non medical dads like me!
Stay Informed
This app is loaded with information regarding treatment, prevention, and great general information. There is a lite version that offers just a bit of what you can find in the full.
Excellent App To Have...
Glad I downloaded the full version. No dissapiontment with this one.
This is the best .99 Ive ever spent!!!!!! Its a must for everyone and anyone!! Havent saved anyones life with it yet but Ive only had it a week :^) I only gave it four stars though because it keeps crashing on me please fix!!!! Then u deserve 1 million stars!!! Way to go very amazing app!!!!
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